This is my personal website. I am interested in all things Japan and I love to share with others on how Japan had impacted me.

This website is an attempt to share a few information about Japan, Japanese language, Living in Japan and Working with Japanese and their work culture. I am running this site for over a decade now. Recently I am making some changes to upgrade this site to run smoothly in all devices - smart phone to desktop.

I work in Technology. I often bring people from other countries for a meeting with Japanese customers or bring engineers to work with Japanese customers. I give orientation to them and coach them on how to conduct meetings, how to work with Japanese, Do's and Don'ts of working and living in Japan. I do this out of my own interest and to ensure, people I am associated with are successful during their visit to Japan.

I am sharing some materials in the below websites which can be used as a reference.

[/] Learn how to work in Japan - Understand Japanese work culture and adjust yourself as a vendor to suit Japanese customer.

[/] Learning Japanese language thru JLPT syllabus - this site is currently going thru major upgrade. The work is still in progress but many pages are ready. The updates include delivering great content on a beautifully designed user interface that provides excellent user experience and works on all devices. Added lot of tips and tricks which helped me learn Japanese language.

[/] For Kanji learning, I have seen people are comfortable learning the Kanji by the Japanese school grade syllabus. By default we are drawn to JLPT when we start learning Japanese. However, once you check out the school syllabus you will find this is kind of easy to complete. Go to kanji.harushi.com to learn more.

[/] Browse school grade Kanji in this Kanji Dictionary. This is a simple and elegant site to browse 1,006 Kanji that are part of Japanese school syllabus for Grade-1 to Grade-6.

[/] Browse the List of International schools in Japan by region or by curriculum and get driving directions into your smart phone to the school you would like to visit.

Contact hello@hokuseijapan.com for any queries.